BFR: Episode 05

Delightful, whimsical, pastel epicness…

Here’s what you’ll be hearin’ on this episode of Bit Fix Radio:

  • Soooo much gaming news this week:
    • X-Bone is now Kinect-free!  …What will become of Kinect Star Wars?!?
    • Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection announced!
    • Flappy Bird returns!
    • World of Warcraft may drop a movie trailer at Comic Con!
  • Everyone has been playing (and enjoying) Child of Light!
  • A ton of games are taking up our free time, like Hearthstone, Guacamelee, and Shadowrun!
  • The Bit Fix 3 Bit: “Walk off, don’t let down!”
  • Loads of BitFix banter, with a heavy dose of E3 speculation!

Listen Below:

Download Here (by right clicking, then “save as”):  BFR: Episode 05

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