BFR: Episode 22

veric and sven

Kevin’s character, Sven: So if you call your crossbow Bianca, what do you call your… …. chest hair? Veric: I’m not telling you, stop asking. Sven: But what if I press ‘A’? Veric: No!

In this episode, Bryan sees GTA 5 in a whole new (first-person) perspective, Kevin and Courtney discuss Kevin’s character Sven and his fascination with being ugly and/or his failed attempts at romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and we raise  the bar by talking about Lords of the Fallen, a surprisingly fun time. Plus, the Bit Fix 3-Bit (The games are in the TV, man!), and the crew rekindles a lost love of Mountain Dew, Gamer Fuel.

Listen Below:

Download by right clicking the link, then “save as”: BFR: Episode 22

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