BFR: Episode 35 (3/29/2015)



Get Some!!

Hello Bit Fixers, not only do we have the full crew back this week (the aliens gave Bryan back finally after many days of waiting), we have friend of the show Emily with us this week to give us her take on the week that was. We talk Hideo Kojima rumors, Halo Online (!!!)… in Russia (!#$?!), and much more, along with what we hope for in TItanfall 2 during our Bit Fix 3-Bit! Plus we talk more Dying Light, some Game of Thrones Telltale (no spoilers), Lego Marvel, and much more.

That, and Bryan talks about finishing the story in GTA5 (no spoilers) and the subsequent and/or apparent mid-life crisis he endured this week from a 60-something year old woman who knew way more about Halo then he did… yep… just listen!

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