BFR: EPISODE 31 (2/8/2015)

Is your body ready?

Best thing since… the Mario Brothers movie?!… …

On this week’s episode, we go hot and heavy into the Game of Thrones, including Bryan’s experience with Telltale Episide 2, his decision to start playing the Game of Thrones RPG that came out on XBOX 360 a few years ago, and we contemplate what a Game of Thrones-themed land would look like at Disneyland. Anyone wanna ride the Kahl Drogo? Also, why is the new Zelda live-action Netflix show being called “a family-friendly game of thrones. That, and we talk Battlefield Hardline Beta, Evolved, Alien Isolation, Alan Wake, and Puzzle Quest. Best of all, we answer listener questions and go into another Bit Fix 3-Bit, “Learning is for Noobs!”


BFR: EPISODE 30 (2/1/2015)

Stop staring at my third eye. IT'S NOT A TU-MAH!

Stop staring at my third eye. IT’S NOT A TU-MAH!

Hi Bit Fixers! Oh what difference a week makes! Last week, Kevin went from vowing never to play the Destiny to… buying the Destiny DLC… with Paul’s money! Well sort of… you’ll just have to listen to the show. We dissect the good and the bad of the Dark Below, Bryan talks about finishing Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, and we discuss impending doom by robot AI takeover in the Bit Fix 3-Bit. Also, Kevin plays the other game not called Minecraft that Mojang made… Scrolls!


BFR: Episode 29 (1/25/2015)

This little kid has serious a-hole face... serious...

This little kid has serious a-hole face… serious…

Hey everybody, after taking a week off due to technical issues (aka Kevin forgot the mic cords on our MLK weekend trip to Yosemite!), we are back with a vengeance! We discuss the ‘Big 3’s” big news: Microsoft pushing for Xbox One and Window 10 to become one, Sony rolling out its Playstation Now service, and Nintendo… well, being Nintendo with its new 3DS without an AC charger and the same branding issues everything else Nintendo has… and we talk some games. Kevin finishes Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2, Courtney joins the discussion on Diablo 3, Ultimate Evil Edition for Xbox One, and Bryan plays something other than Halo, Assassin’s Creed, or GTA5… Max and the Curse of Brotherhood! It’s actually a lot better then any of us thought!


BFR: Episode 28 (1/11/2015)

You think the Sartan Love Van is hot? You should see the mattress in the back...

You think the Sartan Love van is hot? You should see the mattress in the back…

Happy New Year everybody! While Courtney sits this one out and battles the flu, Kevin and Bryan battle through a deep discussion of the Halo 5 beta. We also discuss Bryan’s recent obsession with “finding the aliens” in GTA5. We have our first “Bryanism” of the new year at the beginning of segment two, which I kid you not, is 55 MINUTES LONG! Yes, you put two dudes together, give them Halo to talk about… yea… and we also wax poetic about some Forza Horizon 2, complete with the Halo Spartan Love Wagon! That and so much more, on BIt Fix Radio!

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BFR: Episode 27

I HAVE THE AUTHOR-A-TEE to burn this top 10 games list down!

I HAVE THE ATHOR-AW-TEE to burn this top 10 games list down!

It’s the end of the year, Bit Fixers, so that means the crew at Bix Fix Radio is doing top 10 lists of 2014 and looking back on the year of gaming that was. We answer burning questions like: Does Destiny make any of our lists? Does Bryan have anything on his list not related to Halo or Grand Theft Auto? Will this podcast work and be completley bug free at launch? Only you can find out! Click below! Oh, and we cap off our show by discussing with bated-breath our anticipation for the Halo 5 multiplayer beta dropping on Monday!

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BFR: Episode 26


I’m going to huff, and I’m going to puff, and I’m going to blow your pants off!

Happy holiday’s Bit Fixers! With just one more episode to go before our end of the year, best of 2014 episode, we talk about our time with The Wolf Among Us, Hearthstone, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, and tackle a Bit Fix 3-Bit that deals with dictators, hackers, jail punishments, and Nintendo (in that order, some related). That, and if Bryan drinks too much Game of Thrones beer, will be believe once and for all that he is Ned Stark?

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BFR: Episode 25

What?! I can totally do voice acting in video games. Now if I could just find a door in King's Landing to open for 10 minutes... ....

What?! I can totally do voice acting in video games. Now if I could just find a door in King’s Landing to open for 10 minutes… ….

What’s up people of the wall! On this episode, we discuss all things Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy in the news, gush over how much fun and smooth Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed is on PC, get technical with the new Hearthstone expansion, Goblins vs. Gnomes, and talk about the first episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones series, ‘Iron From Ice.’ Don’t worry we don’t spoil anything about the game or the show in the first part of our discussion, but once we come back from our final break all bets (and spoilers) are off! That, and we address our Bit Fix 3-Bit of the week, “Gung Ho about Guns Ho Ho!”

Listen Below:

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No, seriously. That skag I caught was THIS BIG!

In this episode, we are all hopped up on Gamer Fuel, which is good, because…. E3 decided to happen out of nowhere on a Saturday in December! OK, it wasn’t quite E3, but Sony did have its inaugural Playstation Experience in Las Vegas, and we go over a majority of the announcements (there’s ALOT!). We also talk about The Crew, the upcoming Destiny, The Dark Below DLC, Sunset Overdrive, GTA5, and give our thoughts on the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands (no spoilers in the first part, then after the break and music we spoil away – don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of warning!)

Listen Below:

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BFR: Episode 23

Too. Much. Gamer. Fuel.

Too. Much. Gamer. Fuel.

In this week’s episode, we recover from a turkey-induced coma with, what else, a buffet of new releases. We talk about our first impressions of Sunset Overdrive and Far Cry 4, get a little deeper into Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Kevin talks more Lords of the Fallen. Plus, Bryan gets ‘overcharged’ with more Gamer Fuel and fills us in on the weekly exploits of his first-person alter-ego in Grand Theft Auto 5, and we answer our weekly Bit Fix 3-Bit, “Thanks, Giving, and Pets in Space.” GAME ON!

Listen Below:

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BFR: Episode 22

veric and sven

Kevin’s character, Sven: So if you call your crossbow Bianca, what do you call your… …. chest hair? Veric: I’m not telling you, stop asking. Sven: But what if I press ‘A’? Veric: No!

In this episode, Bryan sees GTA 5 in a whole new (first-person) perspective, Kevin and Courtney discuss Kevin’s character Sven and his fascination with being ugly and/or his failed attempts at romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and we raise  the bar by talking about Lords of the Fallen, a surprisingly fun time. Plus, the Bit Fix 3-Bit (The games are in the TV, man!), and the crew rekindles a lost love of Mountain Dew, Gamer Fuel.

Listen Below:

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